Ella Sri Lanka | Little Adam’s Peak

Little Adam’s Peak


After traveling about 2km from Ella Town on the Namunukula road you can reach the Little Adam’s peak.This beautiful place located on a private Estate that belongs to the famous 98 Acres Hotel. Like as Ella Rock, this place also a very popular among both local and foreign travelers.And also climbing the Little Adam’s peak is not a difficult work as climbing Ella Rock.

You need to climb About 400 meters to reach the top and there is a concrete stair from the beginning to the end.so you can easily reach to the top within 30 minutes.

You can get a 360° view from the top.and you will see 98 acres hotel and a helicopter pad from a side and you can see Ella-Wellawaya road at the foot of the mountain.

Little Adam’s peak is a best place for amateur mountain climbers to first get a good first experience because there is no Difficulty to climb, but a good experience can be obtained without any danger.

Even if This is a private land, the travelers are freely allowed to enjoy this beauty.In the entrance You can see the boards saying that drinking alcohol is prohibited so make sure to enjoy thus beauty without breaking that rules.

Please be kind enough to properly dispose all the plastic water bottles, polytene bags and all. It will help immensely to keep the beauty of this for a longer time. Thank you

Hotel 98 Acres

The Helipad

Drinking Alcohol is prohibited here

Ella-Wellawaya Road

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